Genealogy has come a long way since the 1890s, when "because I say so" was accepted as "proof". Genealogy owes an unequaled debt to the late, great Donald Lines Jacobus, who brought genealogical standards to the modern levels of proof. There are hundreds of ancestors from whom Associates can trace thier lineage. A great source for Founder ancestors is the remarkable work of Meredith B. Colket, Jr. - whose "Founders of Early American Families" (which can be ordered below) has served as the "Bible" for the Order.

However, Colket was occasionally incorrect. One reason for these errors was that he relied very often on published genealogies rather than primary proofs, and these genealogies were often faulty.

In addition, not all accepted Founders were listed by Colket, and in several of these cases errors were discovered. The Order maintains a corrected list of Founder and Patriot ancestors and will cross reference these against any inquiry. That said, the list is being constantly updated and so an applicant's ancestor may not appear on a current database.